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Langkawi Dataran Lang - Eagle Square

The Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) is a sprawling 19-acre landmark located to the front left of the new Jetty Mall Complex in Kuah. Built on reclaimed land, the imposing 12-metre tall statue of the brown eagle can be clearly seen from the air or from the sea.

If in the old days mariners would be guided by the gray hulk of Gunung Raya to help guide them in to the Kuah harbour, today it is the effigy of the great eagle that has taken its place. In the evenings when the eagle and the whole area is brightly lit, Dataran Lang takes on a new visual dimension.

The statue sits high at the centre of a massive star-shaped (if seen from the air) concrete platform that juts out to the sea. The square comprises the statue, a high-roofed pavilion where events are held and kiosks selling anything from titbits to souvenirs. During the afternoons the square itself can get unbearably hot as the midday heat is reflected from the concrete floor. The best time to enjoy the place is during early evening and night when all the heat has dissipated.

Opposite the Dataran Lang is a lake with a fountain and beyond it is a row of food stalls serving local and some western cuisine. Some of the stalls are reputed to offer among the tastiest versions of laksa kedah (rice noodle in thick fish gravy). A wooden walkway traverses the lake.

The place is contiguous with the other main attractions, including Taman Legenda (Legends Park), CHOGM Park and the Jetty Point Shopping Mall.

Near the  Jetty Point Mall, adjacent to the CHOGM Park and Taman Lagenda.

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