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Langkawi Galeria Perdana

Feel the magnificence of the history and the culture of Langkawi from the beautiful museums that are located in Langkawi. The fine collection bears a true artistic testament of the art and the society of the contemporary period.
The Galeria Perdana museum reflects a kaleido scopic montage of the artistic expression of the people of Langkawi. The museum gifts one with a knowledge of the incredible- diversified culture of the land.

The museum is largely considered an artistic expression of Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamed and his wife Datin Seri Dr Hasmah Mohamad Ali. All the gifts bestowed on him by the various world leaders are featured here. The gifts were awarded to him and his wife when he held the office of the Prime Minister.
Though commonly known as Galeria Perdana, it is originally named as Sri Perdana Gallery

The architecture of the museum has been very well conceived. Built in a completely oriental design the interior of the building displays a beautiful creative work.
Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir Mohamed's former residential place is what presently houses the Galeria Perdana. Dr. Mahatir had the notion that the Malaysian art and architecture had every right to unravel itself before the people of the world. The museum was officially opened on 3rd December, 1995.


The ceiling of the building is hand painted with beautiful intricate designs. The two storied buildings interconnected through three sides covers a total of 5,333 square kilometers. The surrounding area is beautifilly6 decorated with trees and shrubs.

The Main Lounge which is on display is the place where the important social gathering used to take place.
The Wood Carving Room reflects the exquisite Malay wooden architecture.
The Reading Room houses a huge collection of reading and reference material.
The Green House, a concept that inspired the Prime Minister, has a variety of plants under controlled temperature.



The collections displayed in the museum are categorized into several distinct sections. The basis of division is primarily based on the materials that they are made. As such you get to see the ceramics section, copper section, pewter section, leather section, crystals. The art works are also classified by their types that include sections like the art, game, and musical instruments.
Staring from crystals you can see some automobiles. All the things that are displayed bear a distinct history that is tagged and annotated with descriptions.
The diversified collection almost accounts to a total number of 2500 displays which are hard to ignore.

A nominal entry fees is charged with adults paying RM 3 and children above 12 paying a ticket of RM 1.
Located just before Durian Perangin, admission in the museum is possible only from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 5 in the evening.
A trip to Langkawi demands a visit to the Galeria Perdana Museum that is worth watching.

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